Literature Reviews

literature review 1)
One of the factors affecting biodiesel conversion is fats.(A.E. Ghaly, D. Dave, M.S. Brooks and S. Budge,2010)
The raw materials used for production of biodiesel can be either crude,refined or waste such as frying oils/fats.(Marchetti et al,2008)
It can also be classified as plant derived and animal derived.
The most popular plant derived oils used for biodiesel production are canola,coconut,cottonseed,groundnut,jatropha,karanj,olive,palm,peanut,rapeseed,safflower,soybean and sunflower oils(Demirbas,2003 ;Akoh et al,2007 ; Robles et al,2009)
The most popular animal derived oils used for biodiesel productions are beef tallow,lard and yellow grease.(Demirbas,2003 ;Akoh et al,2007 ; Robles et al,2009)

literature review 2)
The main important reason why we chose biodiesel fuel is because of its environmental-friendly characteristic.However according to A.E. Ghaly, D. Dave, M.S. Brooks and S. Budge, the oils that we used in the biodiesel production cause environmental problems.An increased demand for vegetable oils requires an increase in the use of fertilisers which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.In fact,biodiesel production from heavy fertilised crops could result in a 70% increase in greenhouse gas emission(Jegannathan et al,2008). Consequently,the choice of feedstock is very important.

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