5. Conclusion

Our hypothesis was proven wrong. We only did research on the most efficient oil to make biodiesel. Restaurants use oil in a large quantity to fry food etc. Using the used cooking oil (leftover from oil) from there, the cash needed to purchase new oil such as olive oil would be lessen or saved. The research we did suggested used cooking oil (wasted) as it is not as expensive as new oil. Other than that, wasted oil is more environmental friendly as we are able to recycle and reduce the amount of resources used. After we collected our results, we started to research on the quality of oil that makes the best biodiesel and our results shown that it should be olive oil. According to Oilgae (n.d.)., olive oil can be used to produce biodiesel. However, it is unlikely that this crop will be a sustainable candidate for biodiesel, as olive oil is more pricy.

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